À la Carte

À la Carte (2022) - Shortfilm

A businesswoman and a businessman with their assistants are having lunch in a restaurant and talk about alleged social topics such as smalltalk and privat life as a side stage of the actual negotiations.

At the table they avoid speaking openly, instead they try to compete in absurd ways. They compete in ordering and eating food, they collect bizarr amounts of signatures from each other.

On the contrary they negotiate and plot frankly while being at the toilet, in order to gain most advantage after the inevitable yet hopeless contracting to be done.

After all trump cards are played without having a clear dominator, the negotiations escalate into a shakespearian battle of words, stabbing and poisoning, after which the assistants scavenge the leftovers.


À La Carte is an absurd chamber play, which stages the total blending of business and life in comic and bizarr ways.


Written and directed by Valle Döring

Produced by Elenya Bannert, Sophia Schiller

Music: Lucia Schiller

Set Design: Leonie Ohlow

Camera: Jason Stewart

Cast: Doris Conrad, Peter W. Herrmanns, Elena Nyffeler, Jannik Mühlenweg