Das kalte Herz

Das kalte Herz by Saskia Kaufmann (2019)

Poor Peter Kohlenmunk gives away his heart. He trades it for money and prosperity, but gets a stone instead.

In modern times the struggle of omnipresent self optimization and self exploitation can lead to deconstruction of the self and personality.

Actress Swana Rode and director Saskia Kaufmann ask the question: "What do we want to use our time for?

The play first had a pre premiere as the Diploma of Emily Ortlepp at HfG Karlsruhe involving Valle Döring as a light designer and afterwards became part of the program at badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe.

Light Design: Valle Döring
Directed by: Saskia Kaufmann

Stage: Emily Ortlepp

Video: Yael Kolb

Cast: Swana Rode