Emil und die Detektive

Emil und die Detektive by Julia Brettschneider (2021)

Emil Tischbein spends his holidays in Berlin for the first time. His mother gave him money to give it his grandmother. For precaution he pins the money into his jacked, but in the train he falls asleep and the money is gone.
The only suspect is the strange Mister Grundeis and Emil chases him for justice. But all alone in Berlin without money and friends there is nothing he could do.
Luckily Pony Hütchen comes along, being immediately fascinated by the case and the investigation begins.


For the 75. anniversary TdjW brings this classic in a new modern and cinematic fashion back on stage.


Theater der jungen Welt


Video: Valle Döring

Regie: Julia Brettschneider

Bühnenbild: Carsten Schmidt

Kostüme: Jana Kuhlemeier

Dramaturgie: Jörn Kalbitz

Cast: Benjamin Vinnen,Josephine Schumann