Giardini is a fluid, but constant vehicle for sound oriented improvisation in contexts of art shows and regular concerts.


Each member of the band is individually active in music ensembles, sound art, film music, always working on and improving their musical approaches in order to share and offer them when they gather for rehearsals and performances.

Besides the focus on free improvisation and musical communication, this ensembles approach is deeply sound focused. Adding effect pedals and sound oriented playing techniques to each instruments natural sound and function, offers vast spaces, which always ask for a new arrangement and negotiation of the instruments within the actual improvisation.




In 2017 they released their first album „Giardini" with a cover by artist Max Neumann.


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Core members:

Antimo Sorgente: analogue Synth, Cello

Martin Tornow: Guitar

Valle Döring: Drums/electronics



Manuel Klotz

Müde und Dröge

Marcel Reginato

Elmar Gajewi