Guter Dinge

Guter Dinge by Leonie Ohlow (2020)

GUTER DINGE is a choreographic dialogue between three machine-things and one performer, combining elements from theater play, installation and dance. With crude, unpredictable patterns of movement, Dirigentenkreisel [conductor's spintop], Staksende Wippe [staking rocker] and Wabbelndes Seegras [wobbling seaweed] wander, wriggle and swing through the room: they are disturbers and disturbed - characters on a stage.


With scenographic means, GUTER DINGE investigates the interplay between machines, performer, spoken text, choreography and spatial elements such as boundaries and sound. In terms of content, Guter Dinge is a decentralized assemblage, a non-hierarchical collection of ideas: What results from an interplay between two partners who must remain unequal? Do we have to infuse things with a soul before we respect them and take them seriously?


Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe

Leonie Ohlow


Sound and lighting design, sound composition: Valle Döring
Concept, choreography, machine-things: Leonie Ohlow

Performance: Max Zschiesche, Dirigentenkreisel, Staksende Wippe, Wabbelndes Seegras

Conductor conductor: Leia Walz

Complicity, second hands: Janina Capelle

Text: Gerrit Kuge & Leonie Ohlow

Text consulting: Judith Milz

Photo: Lisa Bergmann

Video: Mustafa Emin Büyükcoskun

Poster: Yannick Nuss & Sophia Hamann