Limb (2016) - stereoscopic Shortfilm

Limb deals with the images people impose to each others, treats intimacy and vulnerability as aspects of relationship in an abstract and surreal manner.

This silent short film creates an independent aesthetic by applying antique and modern film techniques, such as rear projection and digital stereoscopy.

Valle Dörings Prediploma film Limb won two international festival awards for best stereoscopic short.

In an ash desert, two faceless beings, 'Arm' and 'Leg', start recognizing each other by trespassing body borders.

They reveal their petrified faces and move to an upright postition by supporting their incomplete bodies.

As they get closer, a hyper civilized mercenary gets triggered, seeking for them in various dimensions.

When he finally enters the ash desert, after stripping himself from technological support, Arm, Leg and the Mercenary are forced to face themselves and their relation to each other.

Being close to each other carries vulnerability - which form of intimacy truly fits love and mutuality?

How do things get blurry, when you are too close to them?


Writen and directed by: Valle Döring

Production Design: Elenya Bannert
Camera: Jason Stewart, Laura Morcillo

Music: Antimo Sorgente

Cast: Johanna Ziebritzki, Carola Lingelbach, Steffen Kern