Lisas Land des Lächelns

Lisas Land des Lächelns by Ansgar Weigner (2024)

A Dating-Operetta


“Yours is my whole heart, where you are not, I cannot be…” – Can you still say (sing) that today if you are serious about love? How much sentiment, nostalgia, even kitsch is still possible before it becomes ridiculous? Lisa simply tries it out. She wants to know, the thing with love, the dreams that can be big, the sound of operetta. Sure, some would say Lisa is a bit special. But what does that mean in Berlin, the world capital of diverse lifestyles? So Lisa is more into Lehár than techno. And she likes the thrill of the so-called stranger(s). In a dating app, she finds what she is looking for, the big draw: “Sou Chong” (who actually has a completely different name and ticks differently), a native of China and student in Berlin, who seems very similar to Sou Chong from Lehár’s operetta and can also sing magnificently! Sounds like the beginning of a crazy love story. Only: in real life, without the net and operetta, everything is different and sometimes more complicated…


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Video: Valle Döring
Music: Abigél Varga

Book: Elisabeth Pape

Lyrics: Ludwig Herzer and Fritz Löhner-Beda

Director: Ansgar Stephan Weigner

Stage/Costume: Christian Robert Müller

Idea and Dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin

Head of musical studies: Walewein Witten

Photos Copyright: Philip Plum (3); Valle Döring (1,2,4,5)