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Die vergrößerte Welten- und Traumschau

In the very heart of the spaceship the crew operates space organ and

lasermonium, wallowing in sound, pondering the next orbits, and validates

the coordinates of the whirl of worlds.

Consisting of an electrified harmonium and a broken Farfisa, getting heavily

extended and manipulated by effect pedals, the sound material of „Die

vergrößerte Welten- und Traumschau" is of analog and acoustic origin and

always sustains its organic and lush fabric.

The psychedelic improvised concerts cross and pass genres like Ambient,

Minimal, Noise and Pop and take place in bouncy castle.


There is a sad, dusty shelf for the probably never getting done live DVD in the shop...


Valle Döring: augmented Harmonium, Video

Tillie Bedeau: broken Farfisa


Kaufaust - worph 3

Kaufaust was a Dada Popband active from 2005 - 2010 in Magedeburg.

In 2010 Kaufaust released their only album „worph 3", which was whyever a Vinyl only release.

A few hot and rare copies are still available in the shop!



Julius Riehn: Bass guitar, toy instruments

Constle Kriegenburg: Guitar, Vocals

Steven Proemmel: Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Valle Döring: Drums, Vocals, Keys