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Der Yark -Theater Zitadelle (2021) - Sound design

Keen puppeteer theatre for adults about a child devouring monster.
The dark story of "Yark" by Bertrand Santini comes to live in a colourful play by Ralph Wagner and the puppets by Mechthild Nienaber. The fight between good and evil, fearsome joy, satiric notion and deep love conclude in the question how things could be different.

Story by Bertrand Santini

Director: Therese Thomaschke

Co-director: Regina Wagner

Stage and Props: Ralf Wagner

Puppets: Mechtild Nienaber, Ralf Wagner, Ewald Otto

Music: Maria Thomaschke

Sounddesign: Valle Döring

Puppeteers: Anna Wagner-Fregin, Daniel Wagner


Biller & Fliegel: Huddelei midm Nischl (2020) Sound design

The cabaretists Bernhard Biller & Jürgen Fliegel present their best of. Enjoy the best scenes about the danger of life, the beauty of failure and the last laughter: Biller and Fliegel at their best with music, dance and fisticuffs.

Director: Therese Thomaschke

Text: Stephan Böttger/Therese Thomaschke/Agnes Wagner

Music: Agnes Wagner, Jonas Baermann/Konrad Warmuth

Voice: Maria Thomaschke

Costumes: Franziska Mortekul

Sound design: Valle Döring


A way to B by Ria Marks (2017) - Musician/Performer

A way to B arranges different scenes about social interaction, relations between human beings, absurdity of everyday life and its clichés. The music theatre piece involved students of acting and music of the Icelandic academy of arts, devising all content in a collective process directed by Ria Marks.

In 2017 the piece got invited to the international ITS theatre Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Directed by Ria: Marks

Devised Theater Musicians/Actors: Valle Döring, Ingunn Huld Sævarsdóttir, Ragnhildur Veigarsdóttir, Þráinn Þórhallsson, Siggi Halldórsson, Árni Beinteinn Árnason, Ebba Katrín Finnsdóttir, Elísabet S. Guðrúnardóttir, Eygló Hilmarsdóttir, Hákon Jóhannesson, Hlynur Þorsteinsson, Júlí Heiðar Halldórsson, Þórey Birgisdóttir

Die Hans Schaden Revue by David Loscher (2014) - Musician

David Loscher tells the the story and life of his ancestor Hand Schaden. After his death he left a collection of poems and notes, which David Loscher turned into songs about love, family tragic and life. It was stages with 15 musicians and performers.

Directed by David Loscher

Music: David Loscher

Musicians/Actors: Valle Döring, Damian Domes, Jens Hartwein, Tillie Bedeau, Nikki Fehr, Amos Unger, Pia Matthes, Nina Olczak, Jonas von Lenthe, Tilmann Rödiger, Magdalena Vollmer, Frank Bierlein, Elenya Bannert, Anja Ruschival, Marc Teuscher