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And other strange songs from the remote planets is an atmospheric, sinister and beautiful journey through 6 phantastic pieces on a unique electrified harmonium.


The instrument and its music intertwine composition and sound design in a wide range of aesthetics and sounds in mutual and organic ways, creating a unique world of sound.


Electrified Harmonium: Valle Döring
Mixed by Manuel Sèkou
Art work by Inga Klamert.




1 physical truth

2 equal wages

3 balancing burden

4 cracks in circles

5 fading heritage

6 breathing the same air


Giardini - Giardini- CD

„Giardini" is the bands first and self titled release from 2017.
It consits of 6 tracks of free impovisations from lush atmospheric soundscapes to sound art and noise music.


Recorded at Klangkunstlabor HBK Braunschweig.
Compiled by Valle Döring, mixed and mastered by Antimo Sorgente.

Art work by Max Neumann.


Drums and electronics: Valle Döring

Synths: Antimo Sorgente

Guitar: Martin Tornow

Vocals and electronics: Manuel Klotz



1 Living Swamp

2 Der Pfad

3 Lupe

4 Hydraphant

5 Reverb of Spring

6 Oktavschmelze




Neue Orgelphantasien - CD

„Neue Orgelphantasien" is the first album recorded with the unique Lasermonium, a 100 years old pump organ, augmented with microphone arrays and effect pedals.

The album contains compositions and improvisations of abstract, minimal, contemporary, atmospheric music and noise.

It was released under Brokat in 2014.


The 2nd album "And other strange songs from the remote planets" is currently in post production.


All music by Valle Döring
Cover photo by Klemme



1 Etwas Gold

2 Schafshydra

3 Der utopische Albtraum wird wahr...

4 Inzwischen blau

5 ...und wieder zu Traum.


Kaufaust - Worph drei -LP

„Worph drei" is the first and only Album by Pop Dada band Kaufaust.


It got released in 2010 and was why ever a Vinyl only release. A few rare and hot copies are still available!


Bass, toy instruments, Vocals: Julius Riehn

Guitar, Vocals: Constle Kriegenburg

Vocals, Guitar, Keys: Steven Proemmel

Drums, Vocals, Keys: Valle Döring

Guets musicians: The old Meow

recorded, mixed and mastered by Valle Döring.



1 Luckily

2 die radioaktive Seemöwenballade

3 Babylon

4 Das Penislied

5 Franky the stone

6 Russendisko

7 Mietschekatsch

8 Safari

9 Bikerfighter

10 2+2=5

11 Maufaust featuring The old Meow

12 Pianos for airports


HFG 24 - VHS Special edition

This highly collectable product is the stereoscopic VHS special edition of HFG 24.
Stereoscopic VHS is a unique hybrid, combining the ugly and annoying anaglyph glasses with the poor resolution and shabby colours of PAL video. This makes it a most special experience and the film got exclusively released as such.
Only about 3 copies left!!


Written, directed, produced by: Horst von Bolla

Co- directed, edited, post production by: Valle Döring

Hugo von Trost: Raphael Treite

Petra Blumennau: Diana Hoffmann

Set, Costume: Kirsten Cluive

Music: Walls and Birds

VFX: Oli Jelko